Dec 22 2010

Can’t Break Down

Published by at 7:00 am under emo Poems

I can’t break down
only because when i try to cry
I cant even make a sound
you have shown me that it was all a lie
why should i try to fight to take my next breath of air
when the only thing you left me was despair
I have no desire to continue on
having to know that your gone
not because you have chosen to live without me
but because i cannot live without you
i wish you could only see
you have taken everything of me
I have two choices left
i could live my life in a mess
or I could turn my heart cold
and be burried beneath this ground in the dreaded lace
you chose to break my soul
now I know your love was a disgrace
so if I do decide to turn my heart cold
Its not a cry for help
its because I cant bare the dreaded way of life

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