Feb 16 2011

Can’t Decide

Published by at 9:05 pm under Break Up Poems

You made yourself clear, what more do I need
I’ll sit here and weep, and let my heart bleed
I asked for the truth, I knew it would hurt
It’s time now to lift my head from the dirt
Start living my life, without you it’s hard
But your the one who’s been deal the losing card
For now the dream is over, my love you have denied
It was obvious you didn’t want me, no matter how hard I tried
U still love me you say, but can’t decide
If you want to be a couple or stay alone couped up inside
Licking your wounds caused by another
Who never really wanted you as a lover
You were used, the ending hurt you
Something I’d never do
Now you know how I feel, being hurt by you
I’ll never love another, the way that I love you
You’ll never be loved by anyone more true
Your search my continue, for true love you already found
True love you just let go of, when you asked me not to wait around

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