Apr 11 2011

Can’t Forget

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You’re not here anymore,
I’ll never see you again.
I can’t hear your voice,
Except in my dreams.
Yet, I still can’t forget you.

We were so close,
Yet you treated me like we were far.
Why, why couldn’t you have talked to me?
I thought I meant more to you.
And still, I can’t forget you.

You were my rock,
You were my hope.
I gave you my trust,
Only to be met with hurt.
Still, I can’t forget you.

When I think to that day,
I can’t help the tears that flow.
There were many things left unsaid
But there is no medicine for regret.
I can’t forget you.

I believed in you,
I thought you were strong.
You told me you would be there forever,
But I’ll never see you again.
I’ll never forget.

At the end of the day, it was your arms I wanted.
How safe you made me feel.
How I felt like I was number one.
How I first felt loved.
But I can’t forget.

I wish I was there to stop you,
I wish I could have been there.
I wish I could have pulled you away from the pain
And protected you.
Even now, I can’t forget.

When I first heard the news,
I didn’t want to believe.
Not my best friend, it couldn’t be him…
But it was. And that day, I broke.
I’ll always remember that moment.

I can’t feel your touch,
I can’t hear your laugh,
I can’t see your smile,
I can’t see your eyes.
But I can’t forget.

I’m living for myself now,
But your memory is strong.
I’ll never heal fully,
But time will help.
I won’t forget.

You were my bright star in a cloudless night,
My beacon of hope when all was lost.
But for you, I know what you would have wanted.
I want to keep living, to preserve your memory.
That’s why I can’t forget.

I’ll remember the smiling boy, who warmed my heart.
I’ll remember the hugs that sheltered me from pain.
I’ll remember your heart, how it loved and hoped.
I’ll remember how much I loved you, and how much I still do.

That’s why I can’t forget.

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