Jan 15 2012

Can’t Handle It

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Can no longer handle it
Feel like I am a giant zit
About to pop and leave all my guts
I am so sick of being stuck in this rut
The only way out is an obvious choice
Keeping everything moist
Killing myself and leaving this life
As I am no longer going to be the wife
Of the only person I have ever loved
I will become a white dove
Gracefully floating above
I refuse to live in this life any longer
I can no longer believe in myself
And stay stronger
I am tired and sick and over all this
I shall get on the piss
And then when I have finally decided
On the way
I will kill myself and finally
Make my own day

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2 Responses to “Can’t Handle It”

  1. caitlinon 13 Feb 2012 at 11:42 am

    I have had those days and it’s hard! Pray to god? or if not I will for you, try and start a new life and move somewhere new, you might feel like your Trapped in this little shell upon the magic well that oneday You will not be able to desire, dont hurt yourself it’s only going to make it even worse, I say get away and take a nice break or forget what happened and move away and start over again.

  2. cassieon 29 Aug 2012 at 6:42 am

    this was great to read

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