Dec 02 2011


Published by at 5:24 am under Dark Love Poems

I sat in the dark room
And prayed to god
That the chains on me
Would be thrown off

The only light I had
Was from a small barred up window
The only thing I felt
Was the coldness of the outside snow

How did this happen people want to know
I don’t know myself,it’s ablivous
Like when summer has snow
And the desert has rain

Locked here I remember
Remember our good times together
But when I wanted to quit
You wanted me forever

I tried to run away
But you caught me
Learning that you would
Would still haunt me

So here I am
Chained to these walls
Watching the seasons change
From summer to spring to fall

He has kept me here
Captured by him
But I just face the facts
He will always win

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