Oct 18 2010

Caribbean Moon

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A cool crimson sun sets
as twilight undertakes
to paint, conceive
deep, deep blue skies
across the Caribbean

Nightfall welcomes the stars
in flawless, cloudless preparation
casting sombre hue on deserted beach
having now forsaken
robes of white

Black outlines of palm, shadowless, still
struggle to add
stark personality to a scene
they hide in shame
devoid of glory
all in darkness……

Then a light, as a dagger thrusts
piercing the heart of gloom
banishing murky shade
casting romantic cloak
over cool, serene sands
its nakedness adorned
in gown of blue

The splendour of full moon
leaps on peaceful ocean
azure light performs mystical melodies
reflecting radiance
in resplendent, rich eyes
affording glimpses
of seductive angel

Pale skins of blue
unite a thousand years
of desire
as palms cast
longing shadows of approval
endorsing a passionate embrace

Adoring moon
kindles emotional fires
giving life to silent arena
creating love, bestowing passion

across the Caribbean

George W Knox

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