Apr 11 2013

Carry me away

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slow autumn breeze,
go, yes.
I have to stay.

Have to stay and see
Myself ,hurt me this way.

Reflections telling the story,
only half my story to tell.

Couldn’t leave and let you be
happy, the way you deserve to be.

I count up my sins,
offences, written in scars
all over my skin.

Maybe if i could endure this suffering,
i could take away your pain aswell,
maybe if i were more constructive,
i could break this curse,
i’ve learnt not to tell.

blinking my eyes,
all the time, to keep the tears at bay.
i need you here, to hold me from this ledge
i stand on, slowly slipping away each day.

The pain gets too much you see,
and so i fall deeper into the ways.
can’t think my own thoughts anymore,
without her voice screaming in my ears.

couldn’t be what you needed me to be.
Not strong, not loyal.
i didn’t stay when you needed me.

i whisper to the wind,
and hope it would carry me away.
that you’ll hear my voice,
and hear it say all my apologies.

i am sorry i am useless,
worthless, a pawn in this game.
i’m sorry i left you hunni,
and if i could, i would go back
and change that day.

i would have ran, off that train.
Be with you, like we were meant to be.
Guess this isn’t much of an apology,
but in the end darling,

i love you, more than any words could
possibly ever say.

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