Feb 18 2020

Chains that Bind Us

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Chains That Bind Us

I realize that my love for you
Is like a chain of steel
Tough as nails

and yet as your love entangles me
I realize that I embrace my imprisonment
and don’t want to venture out of my cell

Made of our years together
bit by bit we have become entangled
Where I end and you begin
Hopelessly entangled

Even if I wanted to break free
I could not
For I am you and you are me
and my fate is in your hands

and so I relax
and decide to just
Enjoy the ride of my life
as we move towards the final moments

together as we have always been
Inseparable, merged into one being
Starting at each other

wondering who is that person
Of eternal mystery
That has so captured my soul
and imprisoned it in her love

And I smile thinking of your love
and the endless pleasure it has brought me
and the endless pain I have endured

Just to be next to you
and part of you

Until the day I die
and we meet in the next world


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