Jul 27 2011

Claustrophobic love

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I am a prisoner of your heart.
Traped right here in the tiny space within your ribs.
The beat is deafening,
And I cannot breathe.
Im claustrophobic in your love.
This should be heaven,
But I feel asthough I’ve fallen,
Right into the flaming pits of hell
Because all you’ve ever given me is your smothering hands all over me,
And to much room to think.
To think about our silence that envelopes me.
Because all I ever wanted,
The only thing I’ve ever asked of you,
Was to sit down and just talk to me.
But of course your conversations are to good,
To be wasted on my ears.
So now all I do is wait,
for a day where you will take my hands and feed me with words that will unclench my developing desire
To pack my bags and search
For a loving man who likes to share his stories..

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One Response to “Claustrophobic love”

  1. nwoodenon 01 Sep 2011 at 2:57 pm

    beautifully somber….you put into words to which i cannot….

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