Jun 12 2011

Come Live With Me

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Pain… is that what i feel when you are away?
-the prick, the ache and the thorn in my heart?
Come Soothe me.

Loneliness…is that what surrounds me?
-the void, the gloom and the darkness?
Come Fill me.

Scared-is that what i feel without you?
-dark shadows, hidden enemies and clouded sky?
Come Comfort me.

Don’t leave me like this, no never….
The thought of it makes me quiver,
Do hear my pleas, darling, to Come and Live With Me.

Pleasure! is what I feel with you by me,
light headedness, my singing heart and the starry nights.
Come Fly with me.

Satisfied! is how I feel in your arms secure.
Safe from the hidden shadows,
Come Hold me.

Confident! I am with you near me-
and cross the seven oceans i shall but,
Darling do hear;
Come Live With Me.

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One Response to “Come Live With Me”

  1. Jeanne Fiedleron 13 Jun 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Wow, what a beautiful love poem. We all feel like that at least one time or another, and we can all relate to it. That’s what I like best about poems. Like
    Obama, said, “It’s not the meter or the metaphor, it’s how it resonates with
    you.” I feel like that about this poem, thank you.

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