Apr 23 2016

Confessions in the night

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Confessions in the night
by Paola G

In a night like this,
I would like to pour my heart to you, so you can see the infinity of
the feelings that my soul Cherishes…….

with your oceanic smile, have come to invade my dreams, my minutes, my
With your cosmic eyes
Have filled my life with infinity…..

You came with your innocent happiness, and you are now suspended in my
In a night like this one,
Your smell of salt has invaded my space,
And has flooded of happiness my Soul…

Have you come to stay my love?
The rain is falling gently and sublime and my heart is soaked of your
Your touch is like a spell…..
Elevates me to unexpected places and makes my existence overflow….

You remind me of fresh cut grass in the morning,
The windows where the evening singers sing out their passionate love
The revelation of the first love,
The fragility of a child facing God…

My beautiful one,
In this fertile instant I open my heart to show you this feeling I
The phantom of your love came into my life as a free flying bird ,
In a whirlwind of unique purity
The sun no longer rises in my mornings, but is your face that rises

I am nothing else but a few saint things mixed with human things,
Worldly things…..
How can I tell you that I love you?
I have told you with the sun and the comets
With the bright water where your smile dances…..

I will love you further than death, my love,
Further than eternity,
And I want you to know it
In a night like this…

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