Apr 04 2011

Confirmation Day

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my darling, i can see, you know
you reach out to another side
another side, it’s here, now, in shards
i’m giving it to you, see…

from a sky cold and marble-grey
your voice it conveys me out of city limits
I, made up from the start
to be real only
for a fleeting instant
within the purlieus of your heart

and is this your… confirmation day?

so endowed
as if we did not know
both there, beholding the
same time
and me, already around, in dreams
all stirred up in whinstone
tapping you on the left
the only one sincere, smiling at me
trying to, as you do
steer above
all that is weak and ugly of mind
and now, drunken,
the stronger man, though braced a little
i stand,
in the room beside, with you,

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