Mar 19 2011

Confused Feelings

Published by at 12:50 am under Short & Sweet Love Poems

“but though your hand does slip through mine like sands beneath the tide
in this moment of utter loss, of loneliness abound
it is to you and only you in which i choose my secrets to confide
and with this last touch my secrets pass on to you with but whispered sound”

“blink tears down on me from remembrance of memories, times long ago beheld
in your former idolic fantasies of me; alas understanding lead you to eventuate a comprehension of the failings of my mortal heart
but sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light”

“when blackness prevails all around us,
and shadows are all we can see,
our love will light the darkest passages,
love will set our hearts free”

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