Jul 20 2012

Confusing Love

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Confusing Love

For love you need trust,
For love you need loyalty,
For love you need friendship and understanding.
You can love without trust and loyalty,
You can love without friendship and understanding.
But it doesn’t count, it just ends up hurting
And someday you just have to face the truth,
And hits you like a canon in the face
Then you realise,
And when you say it out loud to yourself
Hot tears start rolling down your face.
Your heart feels like it is trapped in a vice ,
As it breaks bit by bit,
Because you know you love them dearly
But you know it will never work.
‘Love is so confusing’
Was my last thought before I said the fateful words
“I can’t do this anymore, goodbye”
Tears cascaded down my face in grief,
As I turned and walked away
And doubt tugged at the corner of my consciousness
Had I done the right thing?

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