Sep 04 2011

Could You Love Me?

Published by at 9:33 am under Sad Love Poems

Could you love me
with my flaws and imperfections
that tear my soul to shreds
and murder those around me?

Could you love me
with my painful tears
that burn through flesh
when touched by the soul?

Could you love me
with my foolish dreams
the very ones that shame me
and make me seem childish?

Could you love me
even when you finally see
my true self
instead of the mask that I wear?


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One Response to “Could You Love Me?”

  1. aedenon 04 Sep 2011 at 8:53 pm

    Take your mask off and let me see. I would surmise by this poem that your mask is more of a shield, trying to protect a fragile beauty.
    Love your poem.

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