Mar 28 2013

Cruel Realities

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Undone by all unsaid to you, a passion untamed me
And spoke of cruel realities I wished to never see
Return to which you thought of me, an age is simply time
Not wished for of your happiness to someday become mine

Thrive in the days of suffering, for you’re the cause of it
And oaths are bound in blood and tears (or so it had been writ)
on tables made on mountaintops, a stone stood straight and tall
Many there had died, in time, and I had seen it all

Bestow upon me gratitude for what I’ve done this day
For all the pain I’ve ached for you, although none’s gone away
Be proud of me for once in life and then I might be free
For all I’d ever wanted, then, was for you to love me

Unintended, this wall rose, and bid goodbye to trust
For all you’ve ever had me think was love is only lust
Decide what you would do to me, decide now and be done
There’s nothing more for you to take, there’s nothing to be won

I’m only young until I’ve died, I’m dead as I shall be
I showed you cruel realities you once would speak to me
Return to which I thought of you, you no longer have time
Now all the life you would have lived has simply become mine

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