Mar 30 2011

Cute on the outside,beautiful on the inside

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Your eyes so lush and blue,
I find myself falling for you,
You touch my skin, yours so smooth,
I know that i’m in love with you,

Our lips meet eachother,
Slow but gentle,
I love the feeling, of emptiness
around us,
I love the feeling that it is just us,

Knowing that we can be together,
My wish that it will be forever,
You’ve taken the path,
that leads straight to my heart,

I will always remember our first kiss,
I can remember and will remember this,
The way you look at me,
The way you stare,
The way you have your hair.

These little things should never change,
because even though you think it strange,
I love everything about you,
I love you for you.

So never worry, or be sad,
because you never look bad.
To me you’re my happiness, my world,
And i find that i’m one of the luckiest girls

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