Jul 25 2010

Dance of Passion

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Dance with me in warm embrace
spirit of the night
A passionate encounter of
sweet tasting delight.

Scarlet draped upon the curves
of this femme fatale
As she entices silently
a wanton woman now.

Arms entwined she seeks him here
beneath the soft moonlight
Offering her sweet allure
a taste of her tonight;

Candle glows as midnight comes
and swiftly passes by,
But not another word is said
which they cannot deny.

Dance of passion, sweet embrace
upon the midnight hour
Surrender all control to me
I want to have you now!

Milky skin upon your touch
feel my nakedness
As I succumb to your pleasures
your lips upon my breast.

Take me now as we dance
in passionate embrace
And as the stars bow to the night
let me see your face;

Such beauty lingers in the eyes
as we soar in ecstasy,
And it’s not until we lay here spent
I realise you’re not with me.

© Christina

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  1. MissinHimon 23 Sep 2010 at 6:33 pm

    That was absolutely beautiful! It really touched my heart. Thank you!

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