May 02 2014

Dark Rhymes

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The nights are full of fear.
My blood runs cold,
Until you’re near.
When your here my flesh burns red,
Thoughts of you run through my head.

My hearts as black as the night sky,
And why is that I hear you cry.
Cause all you do is say goodbye.
Without you,
I think I’ll die.

People ask how does it feel, to be in love
Like a blessing from above?
NO! I scream from deep within,
It feels like I am in a bin, filled with KNIVES, NEEDLES AND RAZOR BLADES!!!!

I realise i lost the rhyme,
It’s just my hearts in cased in slime,
This thick black glue,
Because of you.

Please tell a girl what she’s to do
When all she thinks about is you.
You’re in her heart and on her mind,
If you don’t care then please be kind,
You do not know her state of mind.

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