Aug 17 2011


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You asked me how I felt, I said that I had no clue
You shushed me with a kiss, swore my love was true
“No, Darling,” I said, pushing hard against your chest
“These last few months,” I whisper, “has put my love to test.”

“What you’re doing isn’t fair, you’ll always want your way.
I think that’s why I’m not sure that I’ll even let you stay.”
I pause, my voice unsteady. “Darling, I still love you…
I think we all just need some time… just to think it through.

“Darling, please don’t love me..” My cheeks were lined with tears.
“I know that sounds so strange now. It’s weird to my own ears.
These last few months have changed me, I just want you to see
The things that you did last fall, are the things that ruined me.”

I shake my head as his hands reach out, just not wanting him to say
the words that always came from him, those words might make me stay.
I whisper the words, as I stumble back. My world was turning blue.
“I need you to just hate me, because I could never stop loving you.”

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