Jan 02 2011


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had an ealier knowledge of a time like this,
a time dark with no light to see,
i was informed…
but i never knew it would come this soon..

your actions tell of the sudden change,
they voice out how you want me to find someone else,
is there really anyone else?
the more i think of it,the more it seems unreal…

sometime back it was all perfect,we were madly in love,or so it seemed to me,
was convised you were meant for me,
now all that is untrue!

everything has changed,
i know you no more,
a wretched stranger in my heart,
did i ever love you?or was i in love with the person i thought you were?

it would be a damn lie saying we were in love,
telling i fell for you would suit the genuine truth,
i believed in us,guess i was i alone
you were my dream come true,
but now…

the night is awakening
it is finally here,it has finally come,
i dream no more at the dawn of reality,

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