Sep 17 2013

Days Pass Away

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I’ve written down some pretty selfish things,
Some things that have had emotion.
Been hurt by some pretty stupid games,
Every time that I’ve shown devotion.

And I’ve called it out way too many times,
While I’ve covered myself in dirt.
But I’m through with writing heart felt rhymes,
I’d rather die than to feel the hurt.

Now I’m close to the best at what I do.
Class A number 1 bullshitter,
I’ll make you feel like I’m the one for you,
Walk away cause “I hit ‘er and quit ‘er.”

Even though I know that this will last for never,
I’ll still treat you like a queen,
I’ll have you saying to me–words like “forever”.
Yeah, I’m a different kind of mean.

And this is who I’ve become,
This persona of who I think I am,
Look at all the stupid things that I’ve done,
Yet deep down I’m the same ole man,

And as these words now flow from my head,
I feel no amount of regret,
Some day far away I’ll be gone and dead,
But for now there is nothing to fret.

Cause days passed away,
And the nights grew longer,
I began to stray,
Cause it made me stronger,

And then I fell in,
Got a high from the rush,
Girl after girl,
Crush after crush,

But in the end did I win?
Or did I simply bust out?
Am I a fool for the sin?
Or for having my doubts?

Who knows, Who cares,
That’s just how it goes,
I can’t pay my fares,
But I’ve got new clothes,

It’s life–
You gotta live it,
Before its gone,
Cause time–
It has a way,
Of doing you wrong,

So don’t let the bad times,
Intercept the good,
Look into your mind,
Do what you should.

You got one life to live,
So live it right,
Give what you can give,
Look towards the light,

And seize the day,
With plans for tomorrow,
Cut out the hate,
And escape the sorrow,

And don’t forget it,
That it starts with you,
Know that you can do it,
And do what you do.
-Dennis Mayer

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