Jul 06 2011

Dead love lives

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I refuse to believe you are gone
Coz I still see your face.
It has gone from dusk to dawn
Thinking of your last embrace.

Can’t control my tears
That drip through my cheeks
Holding a scream in my throat
Now I’m losing my creed

The dark night keeps me awake
Whispering your name
I should be but I’m not afraid
Your ghost still lingers here

Kill me, take me with you
I don’t care whether you’re in heaven or hell
I’m don’t fear the fire
Be dungeons or a prisoner’s cell.

All I know is I am gonna rot without you
All I will be is a doll to throw around
Everything I will feel is sorrow
And everything you’ re gonna hear is my weeping sound.

This post was submitted by Trisha Runel.

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  1. kenton 07 Jul 2011 at 11:45 am

    i love you :love:

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