Oct 22 2010

Death Wins with love

Published by at 7:45 am under Sad Love Poems

Im losing sight of your sweet face,
now fading into a picture that’s burned around the edges,
I do not remember how this happened,
the things flooding into my mind are not the memories we shared but nightmares of what has happened to me driving home from the greatest moment of my life,now those nightmares are fading into the pitch black of death,but before that I hear your voice pulling me back and then death tugs at my soul,
its like tug of war between life and death,
but to bad life cause you let go and death pulls me into into the darkness,and all I hear is the soft sound of the a beep behind me and the crying of my loved one.

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  1. salluon 05 Dec 2010 at 11:49 am

    good one 🙂

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