Aug 13 2010

Death Is Peaceful

Published by at 7:11 am under Betrayal Poems

When the one you love says they need to leave,
You want to plee.
You want to cry out.
You feel like you need to shout.
When they said “I love you” they lied.
Then you feel like you died inside.
They were bluffing.
Now you feel nothing.
Yeah love is hurtful,
But now death seems so…

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One Response to “Death Is Peaceful”

  1. iwait4you4everon 30 Sep 2010 at 2:34 pm

    Very morbid and I sense alot of pain and anger.. I can tell because I know the feeling and yet.. i still love.. I am sorry someone has hurt you so much…. maybe like in my case except the opposite.. you pushed them away without meaning to? Just giving perspective from the outside looking in without all the facts..

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