Jun 11 2013

Definition of “Crush”

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You know that feeling you get
When you love somebody
You just want to know what they’re doing at all times…
If they are thinking about you…
Or sometimes, you love them
And they don’t even know who you are
Or that you exist
And it’s sad
You see how they react to their problems, and you want to help them
You want to be there for them
But, then again, who are you to them?
You are nothing to them that they are to you
They don’t even know you
You hardly even see them
Or maybe, your love for them is just lust
And you want to know more about them
But they don’t care
They’re just there
And you’re just here
There is no connection, no reason to start up a conversation
So what should you do?
You want to know them,
But you have no idea how to…
Or maybe, they’re your best friend
But they have no idea how you feel
Or maybe they do know, and
Only see you as a friend?
Maybe you love them, and they love you…
But you can’t be together
For family reasons,
Or any reason
You can’t be with them no matter how much you want to.
Or maybe, you met them online.
And you talk everyday.
You’re best friends, and you love each other
But the distance stops you…
This is called a crush
And yes, it leaves you crushed.

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