Oct 27 2011


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I’ve been waiting for a long time
Yet… you stay so far out of reach
And it hurts, you know
It feels as if glass is cutting me up
As if the shards of my heart are ripping me to shreds
And when I cry, it’s worse
Because i bleed and I scream and I curse
But you never come back
Such kindness you gave to me,
And now it’s gone
Lies left in its place, threatening to suffocate me
Was everything an act, then?
Did you play everything up, so my fall would be even harder?
Did you promise to never hurt me, only to tear my soul into pieces?
Did you even ever care?
I did trust you, you know. I never thought you’d hurt me
But now you’re gone, and I’m hanging on
But there’s just nothing left
There’s nothing to fight for. There’s no hope. No love. No sunshine
It’s all blackness and fear and agony.
But still I’m alive.
Every day, i just keep breathing. I keep suffering as I’m burned alive
And I hate myself. I hate myself for letting you disappear.
And it’s falling apart. They’re all running away. dying, falling, breaking, hiding
Like dominoes. One falls, the rest follow.
But I’m left standing.
But I’ll fall, too. Because I have no support at my back.
This… stability is finite.
The end is very near. The crash, the snap, the fall.
And I read your words, I keep them close to my heart.
Because, honestly, I still believe you’ll come back and save me.
I still believe you’ll comfort me and love me and protect me
And you said you wouldn’t give up without trying
You refused to sit and watch me die
Promised to not let me get hurt
But those are broken.
Unless you come back
Heal me. Save me. Love me
Until then…
I’ll suffer.
And, eventually, our time will be up
And I’ll just be done
See? the darkness has won
Unless you come and save me

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2 Responses to “Disappearance”

  1. Sagaron 29 Apr 2012 at 10:32 pm

    u made me cry

  2. pixieon 30 Apr 2012 at 7:41 am

    Oh.. I’m sorry ;-(
    Thank you for reading.

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