Jul 02 2012

Disloyalty Kills.

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Thought it would be fun
but like always
i was stupid and young
Didn’t know it would hurt this much
didn’t know
i’d want a gun.

Cause I’ve committed
the worst crime so far
I promised you loyalty
and it’s ripping me apart.
to know that i was weak
and gave in to desire
got carried away
shouldn’t mess with fire.

I feel so dirty
more than ever
So Worthless
dreading the moment
when news moves around
and you hear what I’ve done.
Never wanted to hurt you
i guess you were wrong.

You can’t trust me
i turn everything to shit.
only hurt people i love
i’m the Curse
And you’ll soon hate it.

You’ll hate me
you’ll cry
sitting here now
i just want to die.
Because i can’t believe
i did that
and that it hurts so much.

I never wanted
to be Disloyal
guess i felt like
you didn’t care enough.

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