Aug 09 2011

Don’t call me ‘Love’

Published by at 1:38 pm under Sad Love Poems

i’m sure i have
why are you sure?

nothing special in that name
a wide and sweeping cover
for every flower in the path
of every female lover

so i ask you to refrain
because i’ve a real need to be
different, special, one of a kind
to be just simply me

call me something tailor made
make me feel i matter
save “love” for all the rest of them
for all the empty chatter

i love to hear you say my name
so wrapped within that tone
it tells me you see only me
and that we are alone

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One Response to “Don’t call me ‘Love’”

  1. serena93on 12 Aug 2011 at 12:45 pm

    you have the most beautiful writing style (:

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