Dec 02 2011

Don’t come back.

Published by at 5:24 am under Sad Love Poems

i did it.
But can’t we just leave it in the past?
Stop telling me
all i’ve done wrong!You don’t think i know?

You don’t know
why i do it
So stop acting like you know
what you don’t!

I give you chances
but you just hand me back excuses.
And when you do this
it makes me feel so worthless.

I’m happy now
so don’t ruin it.
Just turn away from me
and lock the door behind
you’re not wanted here
you never heard my cries.

Don’t come back!
‘Cause i don’t wanna get hurt anymore
I love you
do you see?
what you’re doing to me?

You failed to see,such torture
that out-grew me

You led me blind,
You walked me infront of Death
and now i’m lost in life.

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