Jul 22 2011

Don’t do this to me.

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I’m not good enough, when it comes to other guys I don’t compare.
I don’t know how to show you I really do care.
I’m trembling in fear.
There’s a reason why I love you in every tear.
I can’t loose you, you mean to much to me.
I can’t show you my pain, I can’t let you see.
We have already been together for so long.
I feel like I just have to stay strong.
Don’t make a decision now, wait for this anger to defuse.
What can I do to be good enough? I’m so confused.
I feel like all I do is cause you pain.
And keep a cloud over you, cause constant rain.
I don’t wan to cry every time I hear your name.
If you left, things would never be the same.
Am I loosing you to another guy?
Should I give up, and not try?
Or do I keep going on because you where once mine?
Or am I just a waste of your time?
At the thought of us being apart.
The tortured thing in my chest shatters, my heart.
At least me have a few last words, please just know.
I am inlove with you, please don’t go.

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2 Responses to “Don’t do this to me.”

  1. iwait4you4everon 23 Jul 2011 at 12:24 am

    This is really quite sad : / you never know hun maybe you are enough.. i know it may be scary but sometimes if ya dont ask you will not find out the answer.. if she loves you.. then good enough isnt really in the equation.. and she doesnt want you out of her life anymore than you do her…maybe… she wants and loves you… and time wont change any of what she feels but does she know how you feel? alot of people i know keep things in because they are scared… me not so much even when i should probablly keep it in.. but i do write alot on here to get it out it helps like i notice you may be finding out… i feel sometimes like this about my guy… keep your head up… my guy has hurt me numerous times and right now a wall has kinda gone up only until he tells me he is really ready for it but if anything… i know in the end its all worth it… only after a storm can there be a rainbow and sometimes emotions and feelings dont come at the right time for two people so things just have to play themselves out.. i wish you well in life and i hope that things work out for you… have faith in her… if she loved you once chances are she still does.. at least thats my take on love.. it never really goes away..

  2. Oldvintageleatherjacketson 24 Jul 2011 at 3:33 am

    It seems like love is different for everyone, but somehow at the same time, its the same too.

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