Feb 13 2012

Don’t kid yourself Dorathy.

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I come back here
To my prison
Only to face my fears
and to hear you say
that i’m worthless
and a waste of time.
I won’t let you see my
that i so carefully
hide away.

is my stomach
once again empty?
and why
can’t you just accept me?

I’m confused
and it’s because of you,
These red cuts
are all based
on your mean words
and the things you’d
let him do.

Yu think i’m gonna move
ripped the bonds
where my heart is chained?
You think i would move
with someone so judgemental?
Someone no heart
could change.?

Don’t pretend to be sad
don’t bother standing there
and gettiung mad,
Cause the only reason
you want me to come so much
is so you can feel better
while you watch me get worse.

So turn away,
just like you did before
cause i don’t love you

just go
and let me be.
Let’s not kid ourselves
cause we could never acieve,
being truthful
or loving
never could be a proper

so Dorathy
i don’t care
if you don’t love me
i was your little girl.
but now i’ve killed
the memory.

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