Sep 04 2011

Don’t pretend.

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Here I go.
I close my eyes,and hope
that i don’t show anything from inside
my fragile state of mind.

Smiles, we used to have
turned to hate,
As you broke, everything i ever had.

You left me,
Alone, abandoned,rejected.

and now you seem to get me?
or are you just trying to keep me here?
Locked in this prison.
Blinded by these tears.

Do you wish me happy?
or want to whisk me away.

Away from here,
I will be happy,
so do me this favour,
don’t pretend you care.
Not because of yesterday.

It’s harder to push you away.
act like i don’t love you.
when i really do,
No matter how many times i have tried
to tell myself i distaste you,
it always ends up, with me knowingly crying, pretending these tears,
are not because, i cannot learn.
To not Love You.

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