Dec 25 2011

don’t tear this away.

Published by at 12:07 am under Heartbreak Poems

when did i become this girl
that i swore i wouldn’t be
the bitch that i am to you
and you hurt me and agree

when i say i’m sorry
for being this way
you let me take the blame
even though i know it’s right
i’m getting tired of your arrogant ways.

and now i’m happy
you stand there
and try and tear it away
cause i said i couldn’t be with you
we’de kleft this too late.

Don’t show him the messages
the conversations
that you enforced
i know i had a choice
but it’s hard
because i just wanna run and hide.

so leave me alone
and get over me
i know you have feelings
but you have to learn to let go
and hide them away.

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One Response to “don’t tear this away.”

  1. Derrickon 16 May 2012 at 4:46 am

    There once was a Womagwriter fine Who knew how to turn out a lineShe wrote reams of adviceWhich her friedns thought was niceAnd her riches and fame were sublime! *Snort*… okay, I rhymed myself into a corner there 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it’s fabulous, and I hope riches and fame are yours this year!

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