Apr 24 2016

Dusk Of My Life

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.I am incapable to live without you, I am unable to stop myself from tears, I am unable to forget you. What do I do ? How do I live ?

I am desperate to love you, I am frantic to come close to you. But I am helpless, my life is like a path of thorns without you. Each moment the memories of the past haunt my mind. I am reminded of the joyous time once spent with you. I am forced to think about the time when you were so good to me, when your love seemed to me like a heaven of dreams…But now I understand that, that world of dreams, was indeed a fantasy! I just cannot believe that you could change so drastically. I cannot imagine even in my wildest of dreams that you could tell me to kill my self. Though you have gone away from me and my life, I still continue to stay with you and with your reminiscences.

I live my life remembering the spectacular times once spent with you. Though I know that the divine past will never come back but still I hopelessly hope that you will come back to me one day — At The Dusk Of My Life.

‘The Dusk Of My Life’ is an ocean of lost memories, its an assortment of my feelings for HER, both joyous and melancholy!


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