Jul 21 2010

Endless Heartache

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Its been six years, since i ran away from you.
Sick of being your rebound,
cried for your love,
i see you each week with a different girl,
i smile and wish you two happiness.
Still i stand on the side, and vision me being that girl,
i know deep down we are meant to be,
but only in time we both shall see.
I seem to find myself witting,
witting the pain,
the love,
its so
Hard to resist you,
oh how you have me wrapped around your finger.
Its all coming back to me now,
our first kiss,
oh how my head span around and around,
when i see you like that,
i tell myself its your fantasies,
you came to me in my dreams,
like a siren in the dead of night,
whispering “I’ll be waiting”,
my body frozed in my bed,
days past the sun was so hot,
i dared not to get up,
i vanished every memory you and i had ever made.
Admitting to myself, you was never there,
a figment of my imagination perhaps,
Rising my head up,
drowning myself in painful memories i had vanished,
it seems like forever, since i last pictured you,
just as i made you.
Deeper, and deeper, my wounds seem to get when i am alone.
You are now my past, something that wasn’t ever meant to last.
Once i could have called you mine,
now i know you i will never do it again,
endless heartache trying to get you.

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