Jun 10 2017

Even When You Die

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Creativity is dead,
It’s lost within our heads,
It’s lost within the timelines,
Of the media we’re fed,
It’s lost within the endless lines,
Of endless propaganda,
Social justice for uncommon men,
Not standing for their anthems,
Not standing for their faith,
Not standing for the ones they love,
But standing with their wraith.
Oh the things you wish you’d said—
To him, to her, or them,
Before their life was gone of the days,
That led them to their end,
But none of your hate matters,
The bleak, the broken, hurt—
The hate you show within this world,
You reap and sow in dirt,
And that is why you must,
Give up on all your lust,
Give up on all the pain you deal,
And deal in love and trust,
Even if it hurts you,
Even if you cry,
Even if you lose your love, and
Even when you die.

This post was submitted by Dennis.

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