Nov 25 2010

Every broken piece…

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What have you done to me baby
I gave up everything for you

Why didn’t I opened my eyes
To see that you were hurting me
How could I be so naïve

If I would die for you baby ?
Yes I would
I would give up my life

I would do anything for you
So call me insane

You had me like a puppet
And you didn’t care

Why have you done this to me baby

I waited for you in the cold rain
But you would not open the door

I would walk miles to find you
While you laughed every single time

What you’ve done to me is so terrible
How do you expect me to go on
This rotten feeling is unbearable

Even if I would jump in front of a train
The feeling wouldn’t go away

And look now

Your with another girl
All happy in your own world

While you destroyed mine
Please baby tell me why

Questions stay unanswered
Every single time I try

I keep saying to my friends that I’m stronger
And that I don’t need you any longer

But that is a lie
I still cry
How could you leave me for her
If you would ask I would give you the whole world

Don’t you know that I loved you baby

I loved you with every broken piece of my heart

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  1. Jenineon 11 Dec 2010 at 6:33 am

    Love the writing(: wonderful! keep it up(: 😀

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