Jul 30 2012

Everything’s Broken

Published by at 8:50 am under Lost Love Poems

I’ll shatter the glass encasing my heart
Just trying to prove I can feel
And, hoping the shards will rip me apart,
I’ll finally know that I’m real.

Claiming my body and claiming my soul
I’m trying to build a new me
But everything’s broken, I’ve never been whole
I beg you to finally see.

Endlessly empty, a bottomless hole
Just trying to find a new light
When everything happy is something I stole,
I’ll finally learn how to fight

Stupid confusion, consuming my mind
I’m trying to hide that I’m gone
I search for the answers I needed to find
I’ll finally prove you were wrong

I look at the scars that litter my skin
Just wonder if they’re all in vain.
For all of the scars committed in sin,
I’m finally rid of the pain

I take one more breath, it burns me like fire
I’m trying to whisper your name
And even though changed times have made you a liar
You must know I love you the same

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