Sep 08 2020

Explaining love to a space alien

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What Is Love Explained to a Space Alien

one day
a space ship landed
near my house
and a tall alien
dressed is silver
accompanied by three shorter aliens
came to my house
and told me they were
conducting a survey
of the earth
and had some questions of me
they had picked me
because I was considered
a subject matter expert

a subject matter expert
on the topic of love
which was one
of the five things
that they could not understand
about humanity
no one else
among the 1 million intelligent species
had such a concept
I asked what were the other things
that they did not understand
they said
hmm Donald Trump

hmm Donald Trump
how and why he is President
and why so many people
still support him
second is god
your race has more gods
than any other race
and no one else
has heard of your god
or Allah or Jesus for that matter
and on the face of it
the whole resurrection thing
makes no sense

makes no sense
third is gun violence
why in the US
you have to do a strip search
to get on the plane or train
and now a days a temperature heath screening
yet you can not ban guns
can not enact universal gun checks
even though 90 % support it
and why can terrorists
still can buy guns?
fourth climate change
every other successful culture

every other successful culture
went through something similar
and evolve their politics and culture
and overcame it
and finally the issue of love
you see in the whole universe
there is no such concept
of romantic love
in most cultures there are marriages
and most people are bisexual
and group marriages are the norm
and love is seen as merely sexual attraction
and most people pick their partners
from computer generated links

From computer generated links
for we have figured it all out
but you persist in denying
that love is nothing but
a chemical DNA thing
explain to me
since you are considered
the most romantic man
in the world
what the hell is love?
I told him that we would discuss
the other issues later over a beer
as I was hardly the authority
but would be happy to share my thoughts

but would be happy to share my thoughts
and they agreed to that
but said again
tell us what is this thing
you called love
I said
it comes down to this
Love is mysterious
love is magic
there is a certain zen element
zen element
to love

to love
a certain taoist element as well
to it as well
those who can define it
have never experienced it
and those who have experienced it
can never describe it
one can say a few things
love happens
when you least expect it
love creeps up on you
Love happens
when you are washing dishes
drinking wine

drinking wine
dancing at a club
making love
for the first time
or the 10, 000th time
and every time
is different
than the time before
love happens when you give up
searching for love
waiting for love
wishing for love
wishing for the one

then one day
the one walks out
of your dreams
and into your life
becoming your wife
my wife one day
was berating me
for all my myriad faults
all my sins against her
my omissions and commissions
malfeasance and misfeasance
things I had done
and things i had failed to do

and things I had failed to do
all of which I acknowledge
and apologized for
but finally I had enough
I said
well if I am so bad
so horrible
so evil a creature
and a person you hate
so much
why the hell did you marry me
she laughed
temporarly insanity

temporarly insanity
and I am still insane
twenty five years later
we both laughed
and fell in love
as always
we fall in love
with each other
every day
every moment
every second

every second
it dawned on me
I had the answer to the question
and that my friends
is the true unknowable madness
the true zen spirit of love
well that was interesting
and I think we begin
to understand you all
a bit more
you are indeed
the most interesting people
in the whole universe
so lets go out and have a beer

so lets go out and have a beer
we are dying to try that
as we hear
you have the best beer
in the universe
and the best coffee too
and so we went
and had our beer
and coffee
and talked all night long
discussing everything
they told me about the universe
and our place in it
and their plans for us

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  1. MysticStaron 30 Sep 2020 at 7:38 am

    Do go on.. 🙂

    I really liked this work. So unique!

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