Nov 21 2011


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no where to go
Echoing screams
they remind me of you.

if i tell anyone
will i soon become just another pile
of dust ?

how can you look me in the eyes
and critisize?
comparing me
to someone i can’t be?

have you shame
can you feel it
maybe not
that’s your cheat
for this game.
so have it.

i’ve given you
more than enough chances
i realize now
it’s not you
who has been giving me chances
it’s the opposite.

and seriously
if you can’t grow up
and find your heart
if it isn’t already gone

then i don’t wanna know you
i tried to show you
my screams
when you failed to hear
when i was almost gone.

i almost died for you
that’s all i could do

i’m just a toy
just a thing
and bacause you’re so heartless
you took joy from my screams.
you don’t think i know?
i didn’t see?
whenever you looked at me

you saw
his hands
and where he put them
didn’t hear my cries
i had no-one to believe in.

wanted to hide
from this exposion
stayed away
from the posions

he shouts
because he knows now
that it’s too late
he can’t have me.

i’m too old to be taken ahold of
to be exposed
and taken advantage of.
i’m not young anymore
i can defend
from those hands
that i once would dread
and still do

but it makes me stronger
that there’s always going to be fear in

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