Nov 27 2012


Published by at 9:53 pm under Betrayal Poems

How can one so seemingly friendly-
betray all trusts and defect so readily?
How can one so high of morals-
inflict only pain and dwell on sorrows?
How can one so openly integral-
behave so poorly and be so pitiful?
How can one so strongly dignified-
indulge maliciously and not care what actions signified?
How can one so soundly virtuous-
commit heinous crimes and be so torturous?
How can one so quick with generosity-
stoop so low and never bother with an apology?
How can one so reliably loyal-
forsake all friendships and live in turmoil?
How can one to have had each and every quality-
fail so blatantly and give in to frivolity?
and why did this one-
have to be me?

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