Aug 08 2011


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You say that you love me
But I never see it
You tell me that you miss me
It doesn’t seem like it
You say that you cant’ live without me
Yet you’re never there

It breaks my heart
To see you with her
It makes me cry
Every time you lie
It hurts my wrist
Every time you give me a fake kiss

You used to be there
And you used to care
But every since she came here
You’re gone like the wind
And you don’t give a damn about me

I wish you could see how much it hurts
But I guess that wont happen

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One Response to “Fakeness”

  1. cutie65on 09 Aug 2011 at 8:23 pm

    ;-( omg thiz on is just like whats happenin to me i love your poem 😀

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