Mar 21 2011

Feel Blue

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Meeting you on Cyber World
Be the early of our love story
Chatting, messaging and sharing
Intensively.. it caused affection growing up
Flattering and fighting come and go
Anger, hurt, silence, then laughing and cheers
Coloring our togetherness….
You rocking and shocking my days
Truly loving the way you joke
and the way you flatter
Whenever I was upset,
Forgiving you was a must
till I got in deep blue
Never giving you any tolerance
You did sin so terrible
Hidden, you wanna grab another else
Causing me in horrible rage
Blocking you was the best way
Without thinking many
Sending you out away
Betrayal is real crime
Just accept bad recompense
All had been buried
Bad memories I left behind
Pink, my fav color fade away
Changed into blue….
as blue as my mood inside

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2 Responses to “Feel Blue”

  1. cintoon 21 Mar 2011 at 8:06 am

    Feel blue? why…? but green card was given.. :love:

  2. Pintakoon 22 Mar 2011 at 12:35 am

    Then, Feel green..? It ‘s OK…I agree 🙂

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