Sep 01 2012

Feeling Love?

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Sometimes you just feel what you feel
There’s no rationalizing or analyzing in your head
No doctor’s prescriptions to ease the symptoms
Just an endless journey with words not said

A daily battle to control these emotions
That you fight with all you have to hide
A storm brewing just off some distant Coast
Intense waves of feelings struggling with the tide

You flash those dimples, you smile, I melt
I am constantly trying to catch my breath
It’s like you’ve got a hold of my heart, squeezing
And I fall slowly each day, closer to my “death”

It seems we engage in this never ending “dance”
And the song always remains the same
Careful not to disturb the perfect fluidity
The taunt, tease, and retreat of the game

“What do I mean to you?”and “What do you mean to me?”
“And what do we mean to each other?”
We could keep this trust and friendship…platonic, but
Oh so many possiblities to explore and to discover

Is this a cruel twist of fate
To be in love with a man who I first despised?
Whose annoying persistence and addicting charm
Caused in the end my opinion to be revised

Why risk my career, my principles, and my values?
Because I trust in the friendship that we share?
Despite your questionable line of work and ethics
Sometimes I wonder why I should even care!

Is it because no words are necessary
To know exactly what the other thinks and feels?
Is it because of our similar childhood traumas?
Is that part of the magnetic appeal?

Or because we respect each others privacy?
We simply know when to let the matter rest
I keep your secrets and you keep mine
And question only on a need to know basis if pressed

Do I dare open my heart to this feeling of love
Only to watch it be ripped to shreds like the past?
Or do I let the warm sensation engulf me
And believe for once in my life it will last?

So many decisions to work through
Any and all possible consequences to weigh
But sometimes you just feel what you feel
When you’re feeling love what can you say?

Feeling Love? by LaleƱa

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