Aug 11 2012

Feelings of the Struggle

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I felt my shell cracking, and then fall apart
I felt the sharp arrow dug deep in my heart.
I felt the earth shaking, the rocks bruised my knees,
I felt bleeding cuts from branches of trees.

I breathed in the foul air that lingered about.
I breathed in the anger. I breathed in and out.
I breathed in compassion, I tried to stand straight,
I breathed in a courage; Yes, Pixie the Great!

I saw all the soldiers, I saw crimson red.
I saw all the bodies… so many were dead
I saw what had led us, most soldiers stood tall.
I saw one more savage who’d managed to crawl.

I wounded opponents with poison-tipped axe
I wounded the horseman. His body lay lax.
I wounded more fighters. Their blood fed the soil.
I wounded my own heart by inner turmoil.

I cried out in anger, I screamed out the fear.
I cried for my brothers whose bodies lay near
I cried out for power, I cried out in vain,
I cried out in sadness, I cried for the pain.

I took what I had left, and lurched to the back.
I took all my power and forged an attack.
I took one more wild swing, and cut off your head.
I took one last deep breath and then I was dead.

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