Jun 25 2012


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Walking alone in darkness know knowing where to turn
Everyone around you against you
Beating you down
Trying to hurt in in every way they can
You turn to everyone you can, hoping that they will care enough to help
But there is no one
So you give up

Until one day you come aross a person
Someones who light is so bright that it lightens the tunnel and you can finally see
You see where your headed
Where you want to go
With them

You have trust issues
You’ve been hurt in the past
And you don’t know if their kindness if true
If it will last

But you take a chance anyway
And you give them your heart
Thats mistake number one,
You’ve been blinded from the start

As times goes on
You figure out they’re fake
All they did was hurt you
Never give but take

And you try and try your best
Hope they just made ONE mistake
But you learn that soon or later
Betrayal was your fate

Not knowing who to turn to
Not knowing where to go
You stay
You love them
You do your best
But they hurt you even more

When you have nothing left to give
They dump you
Throw you away
And you sit and write this poem
Having nothing more to say

Hurt, bleeding, wounded
Burned, scared, and beat
YOur rise slowly and go back to them
Barely on your feet

You try one last despret attempt
With the life you have within
And you figured out that all you’ve done
Was let the bastard win

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