Jul 26 2010

Fight for hope

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Remember all the dreams I wanted;
But then my mind changed and seem to be haunted
From fairy tales to dark demon
To the areas of cold and unknown
This is where I knew I’d be alone.

I was always meant to say goodbye
to reach for hope, it was held to high
The road to take, it would of never worked out right
I don`t think I was ever meant to survive.

I did not want to hide,
Fighting for something I could not find;
I did not want to lie, but to be true.
And this is what I wanted to say to you

I want you to know that now it doesn’t matter, where I take this road.
I want you to know that you are not to blame, but sometime I have got to go.
To let go of this pain
Over 2 years ago where it started to gain.

What is this pain?? What are those marks on your arm??
It’s hard to explain the “secrets” of your life!
The “secrets” which help me to cope.

I sleep with my haunted dreams; my mind bleeds with images from the past.
Hating to wake up again not knowing how long it’s going to last.
Tears slowly run down my thin pale face,
My fears of Living begin to waste me away

Though with some sleepless nights, I watch the stars shoot across the sky shining there bright light
the orange sky as the sun rises, listen to the birds sing in the early mornings, I’ve made it another day to live, to fight, to find hope, a cure….

Yes it’s easy to get lost in your mind, but it’s important
Listen to your family and friends have to say!
“Just because you can`t win every day, doesn’t mean you won`t win eventually”

by Sarah-Louise

This post was submitted by Sarah-Louise.

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One Response to “Fight for hope”

  1. Anonimon 05 Nov 2010 at 9:32 am

    Yeah…is hard and we are are much alike and I know how it is, and like you, I had win or I thought I was and in the end I fell like I lose it all. Well… I just hope…just a light of hope…some day we will win and we will win what was meant for us to win. Until then…just let’s fight with this hope in our hearts and minds. Good luck.

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