Apr 27 2011

Filled with Joy and Love

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Last night I had a dream.

A dream that filled me with joy and butterflies.

I dreamed that you let me kiss you on the cheek.

Maybe that should be a sad thing,

That I’m forced to live us in a dream,

Or I guess it should at least tell me something.

Either way, I don’t see the words.

All I see is the way your whole face brightened up,

Filled with joy and a deep, red blush.

But there’s something else, hiding under the surface.

Living us in a dream for the past year and a half,

It’s absolutely nothing compared to the real thing.

But I wouldn’t know, would I?

I want to live us in the real world,

Where I won’t wake up and know it’s just a dream.

Memories that mean something more

Because you remember too.

I want to be be filled

With joy and love.

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