Feb 13 2011

Find me…Love me

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Love was this inevitable feeling for which she had lost her dignity. …
This feeling for which she wanted to change her whole life…
Him him and him for her her and her….
it was all simply her definition of love

Fighting for what she believed was hers….
Looking for what she believed was her victory…
Searching with all her strengh the reason why….
Why despite all she was still at his research…..

Sometimes we look for what we already have….
He was with her and she was still looking for him….
Looking for what she thought was better then what she had….
But she had him and it was better than anything else…

Him for her…..Her for him
He was everything for her and she lost everything for love…
Love for her was different….
And for him, Love was just the fact that he loved her….

Find me…. Love me…..
Or love me because you have me?
She was with him and him with her….
But she was still looking for him…

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